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do my eyes look good tonight?

we can't be caught in the four-walled way of life

2 December
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fourteen. SOPHOMORE. dark hair. dark eyes. contacts. saggitarius. non-religious; happy that way. loves to be home alone with only the comforts of the computer. books. music. movies. tv. talkative, outgoing, loud with good friends. otherwise, quiet and shy loner. easily aggravated. hot-tempered. bother me enough and i'll hate you. slow to forgive. emotional. geek. hates homestate. icon whore. dislikes change; both the kind where things become different badly and the jangly, noisy kind. writer. nobody. randomly hated. hates randomly. ignored. loves japan. a ella le gusta habla español. freak. loves flamingos. ska lover. photoshop addiction. ddr addiction. kingdom hearts love. mario games lover. obsessive. very, very obsessive.

lindsay lohan. chatspeak. emma watson. steve kloves. movie!hermione. ashlee simpson. paris hilton. josh hartnett. avril lavigne. sluts. blink 182. ryan seacrest.

no doubt. evanescence. save ferris. reel big fish. aerosmith. the aquabats. the killers. franz ferdinand. him. david bowie. the clash. the sex pistols. gwen stefani. flogging molly, the beatles. breaking benjamin. slipknot. designated johnny. class act. maroon 5. harry and the potters. outkast. the eagles. queen. garbage. weird al. smash mouth. the ramones. dropkick murphys. anti-flag. pasta rocket. a killer's agenda. red hot chili peppers. less than jake. green day. ac/dc. guns n' roses. the misfits. big d and the kids table. tsunami bomb. afi. mad caddies. reset. slipknot.

harry potter. chicago. legally blonde. hangman's curse. the others. the stepford wives. bedazzled. the mummy. napoleon dynamite. spiderman. alice in wonderland. aladdin. finding nemo. monsters, inc. beauty and the beast. the nightmare before christmas. bridget jones' diary. liar, liar. the mask. bruce almighty. dumb and dumber. a series of unfortunate events. pirates of the caribbean. phantom of the opera. the ring. psycho. the notebook. taxi. mean girls. my date with the president's daughter. motocrossed. the colour of friendship. ringu. the grudge. saw. the breakfast club

boy meets world. full house. gilmore girls. scrubs. joey. friends. aladdin. lingo. thirty minute meals. unwrapped. what not to wear. doug. hey arnold.

harry potter. asoue. angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging. geisha, a life. memoirs of a geisha. someone like you. confessions of a teenage drama queen. hangman's curse. a ring of endless light. just ella. the two princesses of bamarre. ella enchanted. the princess diaries. alice in wonderland. all american girl. teen idol. the princess diaries. not as crazy as i seem.

i think i'm a pretty likable person unless you make me mad. feel free to friend me, just comment in the entry. also, if you have any reccomendations for anything, anything at all, tell me. also feel free to email me or im me via aim.

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adrian young, aladdin, alice in wonderland, america west arena, anti bush, asoue, beacon street collection, being a japanophile, being short, ben stiller, black and white, boston punk/ska, cds, cell phones, chanel, checkered things, chicago, chocolate, coloured hair, communities, concerts, contact lenses, corsets, david bowie, ddr, designated johnny, dior, dolce & gabbana, draco malfoy, dvds, edward scissorhands, eric stefani, eyeliner, fedoras, fergie, fishnets, flamingos, fruits, gay guys, gay marriage, geisha, glenn danzig, goeun, green eyes, grey eyes, gwen, gwen stefani, hairstyles of the damned, halloween, hamasaki ayumi, hangman's curse, harajuku, harajuku lovers, harajuku lovers tour, harry and the potters, harry potter, hot guys, hot topic, ian snyder, icons, japan, japanese street fashion, kevin, kingdom hearts, kirsten dunst, l.a.m.b., lamb, lemony snicket, letters, love angel music baby, makeup, manga, misfits, mohawks, molly ringwald, movies, music, no doubt, north canyon, nxd, obsessing, old school no doubt, pale skin, photoshop, pictures, pocky, pro choice, punk, punk/ska, queen, queen of hearts, rain, ramones, random people, reading, return of saturn, rock steady, roller coasters, ron weasley, rupert grint, scary movies, seth green, shoes, sixteen candles, ska, skanking, slytherin, snape, sophie kinsella, storms, striped socks, super hot females, the breakfast club, the colour black, the internet, the ring, the word random, tim burton, tom dumont, tony kanal, tragic kingdom, weezer, yelling, yogurt-covered pretzels, yoshi bowls, your mom